Professional Development

Group Counseling Syllabus

Dr. Dalton created a Group Counselling Syllabus in keeping with CACREP 2009 standards. Embedded within the document are comments explaining the rationale behind the inclusion of different assignments, grading weights, texts, etc. (to see the comments hover over the blue quotation balloon symbol).  He also led a discussion and gave a presentation about Training Group Counselors building off the materials included within this syllabus.

Group Counseling Program: Burnout in the Helping Professions

Dr. Dalton has developed a group counseling plan which is designed to assist members of the helping professions (counselors, social workers, psychologists, doctors, nurses, ministers, etc.) to: 1) increase knowledge about burnout (symptoms, causes, and effects); and 2) teach and help members implement coping mechanisms and changes to decrease the experience of burnout.  The overall plan includes ten sessions:

  1. Beginning to Overcome
  2. Precursors
  3. Our Work
  4. Problematic Results of Burnout
  5. Sources of Support
  6. Prioritizing
  7. Maintaining Boundaries
  8. Implementing Change
  9. Moving Towards Change
  10. Closing Reinforcement

This group plan incorporates using the Maslach Burnout Inventory as a pretest and posttest measurement to consider the efficacy of the group intervention.

Membership and Affiliations

Dr. Dalton is a member of the American Counseling Association.