Technology Tools for Counseling Students

Skype: Communication

  • Skype is a free communication tool that enables groups to communicate with text, voice calls, and even video.
  • Video calling is free for 2 people, Skype Premium (currently $8.99/month and up) allows groups to have video calling (only one person in the call has to have Skype Premium).
  • You can also share screen views or files through Skype.
  • Individuals away from the computer can be added in by phone for less than 3 cents per minute.
  • OTHER OPTIONS: You can also utilize Wimba (an open classroom, or PhD Residency room) for group discussions, and have the ability to archive your conversations.

Dropbox: File Backup, Sharing, and Syncing

  • Dropbox is a file backup, sharing, and syncing tool.
  • Backup files on a secure web server.
  • Access your files from any computer with internet access.
  • Automatically sync your files in your Dropbox on all your computers.
  • Access your files from your smartphone.
  • Select specific folders to share and share them with one or more people.
  • 2 GB free, +250 MB for each referral who installs.
  • Ability to restore files if you lose your computer, revert to a backup copy if you accidentally delete something, and undelete for up to 30 days!
  • See also: Instructions for Utilizing Dropbox to Share Files, Formating Videos for Sharing with Instructors

Zotero: Firefox Addon

  • Zotero is an addon for Firefox Internet Browser
  • Captures bibliographic information for journal articles, sites, etc.
  • Exports bibliographic information to clipboard to be pasted into Word in mostly APA-6 format

Group Cohesion Tools

  • Google Groups – ability to easily communicate to the entire group with one e-mail address.  Is not attached to any course (i.e. Blackboard) so conversations stick with you forever!
  • Google Calendar – enables everyone to see assignments together, birthdays, anniversary dates, etc.
  • Google Docs – collaborate live on documents in real-time.  Suggest collaborating and then editing formatting in Word.

Additional Tools

  • G*Power – G*Power is a statistical analysis tool to evaluate the power of a statistical analysis given certain parameters.
  • SXC – FREE stock photographs by users.  These can be used in presentations without paying for stock photos!
  • Spokentext – Convert Word Documents, PDF’s, pasted text, etc., into audio files so that you can listen to them instead of reading.  This is a pay service.
  • Team Viewer – Ability to allow others to see your desktop OR control your computer remotely.  Also has an iPhone, iPad, and Android app.
  • Ninite –  Easily download and install a package of multiple software selections at once (Windows or Linux).  Choose which programs you want, such as Chrome, Firefox, Skype, VLC (for video playback), AVG (if you do not have antivirus currently this is a good free option), Dropbox, and TeamViewer.  An installation package of all of those programs is available here.